Judging Others

Does the title of the post make you uncomfortable? Especially if you are a Christian? It makes me uncomfortable. I’m supposed to leave the judging to God, right?

Jesus was certainly judgmental. He offered salvation, but he wasn’t scared to call people out on what they were doing wrong. He didn’t tell the woman at the well “hey, you’re terrific just like you are” after discussing her checkered past. No, he told her to “Go, and sin no more.” He was kind, AND he judged her. Judging her was part of his act of kindness. We like to apply the idea of “What would Jesus Do?” to how we live our lives, but I’ve never heard the idea that judgment is included in that application. The WWJD fad is more about kindness, doing good to others, being the picture of benevolence, as if Jesus was just out there petting animals like a Disney princess, and we’ve got to emulate that.

Christians certainly don’t have a monopoly on judgment nowadays, anyway. It’s a human activity. But I would argue it’s the wrong kind of judgment. Whatever you think of Ryan Lochte, you can’t deny that the man was judged in the court of world opinion. We undeniably live in an era when people are judged, not by God’s standards, but by the world’s evolving standards. In the good old U. S. of A, you can lose your job for the wrong tweet. This weakens the truth of the oft cited, “Welp, it’s a free country” when it’s de facto censorship and people are scared to say the wrong thing.

But whom should we most fear being judged by – God or man? And what happens when we’ve set up a society where we fear the judgment of the tweeting hordes more than the judgment of God?

And who can provide that judgmental (and not always gentle) voice when it’s needed most? We don’t all have a nearby well where we get to meet Jesus face to face. We go to get living water at our local sanctuary. But if a church family does nothing but tell you, “you’re ok just as you are,” and doesn’t advise you to go and sin no more, the church might be lacking in ability to really guide and grow a Christian heart. Adding to the danger, if the church has defined sin down so that nothing qualifies as sinful anymore, what hope does a Christian have of hearing the correcting voice of God?

Questions, questions. I believe it takes courage to provide guidance (judgment, gasp) to your fellow Christian. It wasn’t just Jesus who judged. Paul wasn’t scared to rebuke those who had strayed, and neither was Peter. I don’t believe we should spend our time in church constantly telling our fellow members what we think is wrong with their lives. But I think an important element of what a church actually is is lost if no voices exist to provide the correction God intends.

And even more frightening, what happens when that voice of correction comes at you? It takes even more courage, compared to offering criticism to a fellow Christian, to not be defensive when someone points out sin in your own life. Before blowing up at someone offering loving Christian criticism, hear them out, do some self-examination, and bounce their words off of what you can glean from God’s own word.

2 thoughts on “Judging Others”

  1. Well this brings to mind the other blogs you have written, “Advice at the gym” and “Are you Anti-fragile or fragile”.
    The gym members that either have something to say or stay right behind you ready to rescue you. I’ll say the same thing. I don’t believe people will hear or take advice unless they ask and want to take it.
    Kind of a weird statement I know. But this decision is theirs. Also like personal training i have to realize that I come from a different place then anyone else. Maybe God has a workout routine that fits for them not for us. But I like what you said, “you are not going to let a fellow gym member die and always ready to spot when asked” but people don’t want a spot unless asked. If someone gave a spot to you without asking (I almost made this mistake haha) would you get defensive or unwilling to except the spot? If you get that spot anyway would you be grateful for that spot? I wouldn’t. I have a pride issue maybe.
    On the antifragile article. Maybe this is the stress they need to come to in order to embrace our heavenly Father who promises to be there in our most needed times making their walk with Him stronger. That reminds me of that joke though where the guy is floating in the ocean and asks God to rescue him. The coast guard comes three times to rescue the guy. He refuses all the help and dies.
    Confronts God at death, “why Lord did you not save me.”
    God replies, “Three times I sent you a rescue and you refused”.
    What I am trying to say is as a christian, I believe, I need to keep a close look at myself and get past the pride and ask my brothers and sisters for help when needed. I can not force my brothers or sisters to do this but be there when asked to help.
    So I guess in other words. Can I borrow money?…hahahaha..jk

  2. Excellent! Currently studying about our tongue and what it’s used for/not used for according to the Word of God. If we avoid speaking truth, based on Scripture, which sometimes is a judgement we leave one another in our sinful pits. I of course think we can speak in loving and respectful ways but it will not always be received this way. I’ve received and given and both ends are challenging. Building a culture of honest in our families, churches and friendships can make us all much sharper. Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron so one person sharpens another.”

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