Poem: Canyon Fodder

Have you seen the end of your life?
I walked up to the edge
Toed it
A little girl floated up out of the mist
Velvety in the depth-less canyon
Her auburn hair was tied in a yellow ribbon
That matched her gleaming cat eyes
“I thought this was the end,” I said
She shook her head and smiled a shark’s smile
“You’ve still got miles to grow,” she said
And her voice tinkled
Like the wind chimes
Some masochist bought my wife for our wedding
I hate those things
“You’re standing on air,” I noted
“Aren’t we all?” she waxed philosophical
“Am I dead?”
“Teetering. You wouldn’t be worth anything if you were.”
Her smile surfaced again
And I could not look in her eyes
For they were hungry
And I knew I was the meal
Instead, I looked beyond her at the light
Dancing in the distance
Aurora Borealis on steroids
She followed my gaze
“But you can’t go there,” she purred
“That’s for the special souls.”
I pouted. “Some people say I’m special.”
She shrugged, “Everybody makes mistakes.”
I took a deep breath to shout defiance at her
And gagged on the sulfur
Rank in the air around the canyon
Desperate, I looked left and right
The chasm went on beyond my seeing in both directions
“What are my choices?” I gasped. “This can’t be my end.”
She licked her ruby lips, “Every end is a new beginning,
“I read that on a greeting card once.
“A carcass becomes a flower.
“Take my hand and we’ll float down together.”

Have you seen the end of your life?
I longed for mine, watching ribbons of pale purple,
Russet red and gentle blue light
Dance in the beyond place I could not go
I took her hand
She tugged the yellow ribbon out of her hair
And noosed it around my neck

I woke on the floor
Wind chimes tickling my ears
A lying liar who lies
Here awaiting my instructions